Penelope’s Deli


The Open Center
Dock 10 Studios
M50 2HQ

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About us

We are Penelope's.
We love Manchester
We love food.
We love you.

We make homemade yummy products, often with a NYC nod

(after years of living there we can't help it!)

All of our ingredients are sourced and purchased from independent and local suppliers who really know how to deliver amazing produce. For instance, we get our bread from Thatcher's Bakery, our sausages from Grandad's Sausages, and all our fresh veggies from Noone's.

You can fire a million questions at us and we'll tell you everything about what you’re eating - where the meat is from, when the fruit was picked, when your food was made and who made it!

As a fully independent business, we happily feed money back into the Manchester independent business community, and take pride in giving you a quality breakfast, lunch or beverage.

Grab lunch to go, have a sit down with family or friends (covid-safely obviously), catch up on some work with a coffee, or shout us for your catering needs...we do it all!

There's also a fully stocked pantry full of local goodies for you to take home - if you have a locally-made product for our shelves, get in touch...we'd love to support you :)

We're based in the OpenCentre at Dock 10 Studios and now open 7 days a week...and we're pet-friendly, so you can bring your pooch too!

Are you looking for space for your business?

We have a great selection of spaces available, from flexible solutions for freelancers and smaller creative companies, to more spacious office options for those looking for room to grow.

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