There are many ways MediaCityUK cares for and improves the local environment.

MediaCityUK was awarded the status of the first sustainable community in the world by BREEAM in 2011, of which one of the most innovative measures was the delivery of a tri-generation power plant which helps to heat, cool and power the buildings at the heart of MediaCityUK and provides low carbon electricity. Developing a green travel infrastructure has been a cornerstone of the development, which has so far brought a new tram stop to the city, increased bus routes and frequency and helped to expand cycle routes.



Dedicated Energy Centre

A major investment at MediaCityUK is its tri-generation scheme – a central, on-site energy source which supplies a low-carbon form of electricity, heating and cooling. Containing gas-fired boilers, combined heating-power (CHP) plant and absorption cooling, the energy centre provides low-carbon electricity and also supplies heating and cooling for the buildings. As part of this purpose-built facility, water from the Manchester Ship Canal is used to support the cooling system. MediaCityUK has developed its own bespoke energy management programme in order to reduce carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of its buildings. The annual savings from energy measures taken across MediaCityUK since 2012 has now passed £850,000, while also securing ISO 50001 accreditation. The energy management programme utilises software to continually monitor buildings’ energy use and identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, thereby avoiding carbon production. Since the programme began in 2012, 230 individual energy saving initiatives have been identified and completed. Collectively, a total of 4,200-tonnes of CO2 has been saved by the opportunities that have been successfully implemented.



Sustainability Update

To find out more about the on-going sustainability, social value and CSR initiatives at MediaCityUK, take a leaf through our latest Sustainability Update document below.

Winter Sustainability Update 2020 >>