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We Invented the Weekend – Programme of events


10th - 11th Sep '22

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We Invented the Weekend is a bold and imaginative free festival for the North, this brand new festival, taking place on 10th and 11th September across Salford Quays and MediaCity, will celebrate the invention of the weekend, a world changing moment that took place in Greater Manchester in 1843.

Up until the 19th century, everyone in the UK worked a 6 day week. Then in 1843, right here in Greater Manchester, workers’ rights activists launched a campaign to finish early on Saturdays. They won, and in doing so, invented the weekend – a gift to workers the world over.

We’re marking this enormous achievement with a new and imaginative free festival from Salford. One massive, colourful, exciting weekend of music, theatre, sport, workshops, dancing, laughs, and more to celebrate the joy of free time.

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