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Hot House

Meet, Eat and Create

MediaCity’s big glass building on the Piazza has had a glow up and is now home to Hot House - a sleek new social hub for the community. An inviting and creative space to socialise and collaborate, you can expect hot flavours from Kargo Go, and a contemporary soundtrack to your chat or project get together.

Whether you’re catching up with colleagues, hot desking, collaborating on projects or dropping in to attend one of the many FREE events we have lined up (including our own Hot Topics series) – this space is for all of us, a place to make connections and create.  It’s even worthy of its own playlist created by our friends at Living Room Dance Club, with seasonal guest selectors throughout the seasons.

Hot Topics

Brings monthly meets on the hottest topics in the city.

6 March 1pm-2pm: The Power of the Unofficial Mentor

Are you an early career starter at MediaCity? This not to be missed event will give you the chance to gain hot hints and tips on how to give your career a kick start from the MediaCity faces at the top of their game.

Book your FREE space here!

April: Earth Week ‘Closing Party’ at Hot House: what’s the role of creatives, musicians and the media in telling the story of climate change

May: Salford really did invent the weekend – let’s celebrate!

June: Hot House Summer Social

*Expect regular pop-up events in between from sunrise yoga to hip hop dance sessions.

More details to follow.

Open 9-5pm - weekdays - from Monday 19th February • Open 9-5pm - weekdays - from Monday 19th February • Open 9-5pm - weekdays - from Monday 19th February • Open 9-5pm - weekdays - from Monday 19th February


At Hot House, take your taste buds on a journey every day of the week with Kargo Go serving up an ever-changing roster of fast and tasty lunches to eat in or take out.

Mondays bring flavourful dosas from Rottu Kadai Dosa, while Tuesdays are all about the tantalising tacos from Super Fry Guys. The crispy crunch of samosas from The Samosa Guy make a shout on Wednesdays, followed by Patel's Pie on Thursdays for a taste of savoury perfection. And as the week winds down, Super Fry Guys return on Fridays, this time with sizzling hot dogs that promise to hit the spot.

Everyday, The Bakery fills the air with the scent of freshly baked goods while you can pick up delicious artisanal loaves from The Bread Factory. Craving sushi? Sushi House MCR has it covered with their exquisite rolls. And let's not forget Ad Maiora, serving up mouthwatering Italian delights. It’s an assault on the senses.
The Bakery

Poonam Patel, a dedicated baker, transformed her baking passion into a thriving business venture back in 2019. With over a decade of industry expertise, she launched her firstl shop, now expanded to three locations, and introduced a franchise model to share her delectable treats with customers nationwide. Beyond retail, her products are wholesaled to local businesses. Poonam takes pride in the organic growth and success of her business and is excited about continuing to spread her love for baking.

The bakery, under Poonam’s direction, meticulously crafts all products from scratch, with the top-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and delightful taste in every bite. From classic English desserts like cornflake tarts and jam roly-poly to specialty items like cookie pies and cupcakes, they offer a diverse array of homemade treats catering to various tastes. The commitment to in-house preparation reflects in the care and passion infused into every item, promising a truly delightful experience for customers.

What sets this bakery apart is its dedication to locally sourced, organic ingredients, creating delicious and unique flavor combinations. With a wide variety of options, there’s something for every palate. Coupled with exceptional customer service and meticulous attention to detail, every visit to the bakery or taste of their products ensures a memorable experience for customers!

The Bread Bakery

In 1993, the founder behind The Bread Factory, Gail Stephens, made a conscious decision to revert to traditional baking methods, turn back the clock on industrialised practices. They embarked on a journey to bake bread as it used to be baked: by hand, with quality ingredients, and time worn artisanal methods..

The Bread Factory Manchester stands proudly as a local bakery situated in Openshaw, Manchester. They take immense pride in producing goods not only for GAIL’s bakeries but also for neighbourhood grocery stores, restaurants, and beyond.

Every step of their bread-making process is a manual labor of love — from nurturing the 30-year-old starter to meticulously handling the dough, shaping and scoring the loaves, and finally, baking, packing, and delivering. Their deep commitment to the craft is evident in the genuine care they invest, aiming to provide the tastiest and healthiest bread options to as many people as possible. They invite everyone to experience the freshness of their baked products firsthand!

Sushi House MCR

Get ready to indulge in premium quality sushi and sashimi in MediaCity during your lunch breaks but without breaking the bank! The idea behind Sushi House is to offer premium quality sushi at a price point that will not break the bank. They believe that everyone should have access to delicious and high-quality sushi without compromising on taste or affordability. Urumaki, Nigiri and platters – are some of the standouts on their menu!

Ad Maiora

Kargo MKT hit the jackpot with the most phenomenal sandwich creators in Manchester. The dynamic Italian duo, Enrico and Daniela, helm Ad Maiora, renowned for the best and most talked-about schiacciata sandwiches in Manchester—crafted right in their one-bedroom flat in Northern Quarter and they launch their first shop in Kargo MKT last year!

And now Ad Maiora will be selling their famous sandwiches in Kargo GO offering a unique twist compared to Kargo MKT, taking your lunch break to the next level!

What’s Schiacciata (skiah-cha-tah)? It’s a cherished Italian street food, gaining popularity worldwide. Fashioned from flour, yeast, salt, extra virgin oil, water, and a sprinkle of love, Schiacciata is a delightful crunchy bread embracing the freshest and finest ingredients you can imagine!

Rottu Kadai Dosa

Rottu Kadai Dosa, with its mantra of “Good Food, Good Talk,” is set to spice up Kargo GO with a unique twist. Stepping beyond the offerings at Kargo MKT, Rottu Kadai Dosa will tantalise taste buds with delectable curries. Rooted in a decade-long background in the fine dining hospitality industry, Biju, the visionary behind Rottu Kadai Dosa, is on a mission to bring the rich heritage and flavours of India to Manchester. The name translates to “Street Dosa Shop” in Tamil, inspired by the dosas his mom and grandmother lovingly prepared for him during breakfast in his childhood.

Super Fry Guys - Tacos and Hot Dogs

If you’ve visited Kargo MKT, the tantalising aroma and flavour of Super Fry Guys’ incredible fish and chips are likely etched in your memory. Crafted by the culinary masterminds Jamie and Rachel, they possess a remarkable talent for elevating ordinary food concepts, exemplified by their fish and chips, to extraordinary heights using premium ingredients. And now, brace yourself, as Jamie and Rachel are set to introduce a contemporary take on tacos and hot dogs, infusing them with a blend of traditional and global flavours at Kargo Go!

The Samosa Guy

The Samosa Guy is an independent and authentic samosa business, they dedicate themselves to delivering the best quality samosas made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Their mission revolves around offering customers an authentic Indian experience in every bite, coupled with excellent and friendly customer service. The belief is that by remaining true to their roots and sharing cultural richness through food, they contribute to building a more connected and inclusive community. Beyond merely tantalising taste buds, their aim is to foster cultural awareness and appreciation through the joy of their delicious samosas.

Patel's Pie

Out of the enthusiasm for blending curry with a pie, Patels Pies emerged during lockdown, gaining widespread acclaim for delivering robust, handcrafted Indian-inspired pies to delis, shops, bars, and breweries across the Northwest.

Before the Patels Pies venture, ‘Vaso Kitchen’ was the brainchild—a journey that commenced in 2016 as Indian street food business. Merging the owner, Steven Patel, dual heritage backgrounds, he take pride in crafting the most delectable British Indian fusion pies, a venture that has garnered considerable attention.

In this whirlwind first year, Steven  joyfully secured two silver awards at the British Pie Awards in March—a notable feat for a novice pie aficionado with a scaffolding background navigating the pie game!

Where to find Hot House... It's the big glass building on The Piazza!