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History 1927 Shipping Canal


We don’t just look back on our history. We live it.

While MediaCity today is all about high-spec connectivity, its foundations have been laid on what was one of the world’s biggest industrial ports. Manchester Docks revolutionised the global textile trade. At its heart, the Manchester Ship Canal, one of the greatest feats of Victorian engineering, a vast stretch of water that connected Manchester and Salford to the rest of the world, and in turn enabled them to become cities known for their innovation, vision and international trade. We may have swapped dock workers for technology innovators, shipped goods for streamed content, but what drives us remains the same: this has always been a place of global export and exchange, with an international workforce, and the vision to make the impossible, possible. And that means we don’t just look back on our history. We live it.

Space to grow

MediaCity doesn’t stand still. In just ten years we have become one of the world’s leading media and tech hubs. In the next few years, we will cement our position as one of the UK’s leading innovation zones. And in the coming decade a £1bn investment will see MediaCity continue to grow. More workspaces, more new homes, more public and green spaces, increased connectivity and tech infrastructure, more inspirational ways to spend precious downtime.