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Let’s Get Talking

Businesses can play a key role in utilising these networks and encouraging better business travel.

Greater Manchester remains committed to investing in sustainable travel networks and implementing initiatives across the North to reduce travel-related emissions. Whilst businesses are eager to join the movement and do what they can to improve the use of sustainable travel alternatives, they often struggle to know what resources are available and how they can get involved.


Naimuri’s approach to sustainable travel

Quite often, changing commuting habits can be the hard part, but it’s worth exploring what options are around you, and encouraging your colleagues to get the conversation going too.

Watch the video below to hear why staff at Naimuri, based at MediaCity, choose to explore sustainable and active modes of travel into work.

Watch Naimuri video

Getting Involved

See how you can get involved with the various travel options available to you at MediaCity and across Greater Manchester.

From 'Pay as you Ride' to combined tickets, there is an option for everyone.
Starling Bank Bikes– Transport for Greater Manchester

The Bee Network Cycle Hire scheme allows people across the Greater Manchester area to  ‘Pay As You Ride’ to help you get around faster and easier. There are a range of Starling Bank bikes available from pedal bikes to e-bikes across parts of Manchester, Trafford and Salford.

Read more about this scheme

Transport for Greater Manchester – Metrolink Corporate Offer

As the way we work shifts to a hybrid approach, TfGM continues to collaborate with businesses to promote sustainable commuting. Recognising the Metrolink as a vital means for commuters, new cost-saving schemes and tickets have been introduced to encourage continued rail usage. The Corporate Clipper ticket provides exclusive travel discounts, and the Corporate Metrolink season ticket offers year-round unlimited travel at a great value. Check out how you and your employees can save money through rail travel below.

Save money through rail travel

Read more about the Metrolink Corporate Offer


Transport for Greater Manchester – Business Travel Portal

TfGM has launched an interactive portal aimed to help businesses get on board with sustainable business travel. This one-stop shop offers travel advice, resources, and guidance on amplifying action and encouraging more sustainable travel choices. Resources include a Business Commuting Toolkit, employee journey planning guides and various business materials. No matter your industry or business size, there is something for everyone! Check it out now.

Visit the portal

Tram 2

Did you know?

70% of a Bee Network tram’s power comes from energy produced by the sun and wind


If you’re looking for more ways to encourage sustainable travel within your business, webinars serve as a valuable resource. Check out these webinars that showcase insightful information, tips and best practices related to walking, cycling, and utilising public transport and guidance on how you and your business can lead the way by encouraging low-emission transport.

Whether you're a daily commuter seeking efficiency tips or a team leader looking to encourage more active habits in your employees, our curated selection of webinars will guide you through the nuances of active travel, fostering a community of informed and eco-conscious travellers.

Transport for Greater Manchester – What does the future hold?

Released: 25th July 2023

Check out this webinar by the Institute of Directors where they share insights into the future plans for Manchester’s public transport system. This may help you understand how your business can utilise the changes to promote sustainable transport alternatives for your team.

Green Economy London – The Road to Sustainable Commuting

Released: 16th June 2022

This webinar highlights the importance of tackling emissions related to transport and how businesses can encourage their employees to support greener commuting options. Watch now to understand how you can make an impact.


Released: 21st May 2021

The best place to start when trying to encourage better habits is with the people directly around you. Commonplace put together this helpful webinar on how to talk to your neighbours and push for action from your local council.

Watch now