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MediaCityUK launch Skills Swap Shop

Today MediaCityUK has launched a brand-new initiative 'MediaCityUK's Skills Swap Shop' in partnership with the University of Salford and many key tenants.

MediaCityUK is home to a diverse mix of organisations and businesses, from the world’s biggest broadcasters (BBC and ITV) to innovative Indies and SMEs, and the next generation’s emerging talent and creativity.

COVID- 19 is having a big impact on large parts of the community: from the many freelancers who’ve had work cancelled to students who are due to graduate this summer, the effects are wide ranging and worrying for all involved.

MediaCityUK’s Skills Swap Shop is a pilot scheme aiming to utilise the wealth of skills and talent we have amongst our community, by inviting people across MediaCityUK to volunteer to offer their experience in exchange for the opportunity to learn something new.

Josie Cahill, Place Director of MediaCityUK said:

‘Under the current circumstances, what remains vital is community support, projects and collaboration. MediaCityUK is more than the sum of its parts and that’s why, along with the University of Salford, we’ve put our heads together with many of our key partners to come up with the Skills Swap Shop in the hope it will genuinely benefit people through this period – whether you are keen to learn something new, give something back, or both.

Clearly many organisations at MediaCityUK have their own skills initiatives, but this is about coming together as a community to deliver something truly in partnership. And I hope its legacy continues long beyond this period.’

Whether you’re interested in learning about how to build a social media profile, showing someone how to make a stand-out CV, write a compelling script, or offering your time as a mentor, this is a fantastic opportunity to both learn something new and give something back. Everybody has a skill.

Beth Hewitt, Creative Director, MediaCityUK Directorate, School of Arts and Media at University of Salford said:

‘Skills Swap Shop is a great example of how the MediaCityUK stakeholders are coming together to support communities by providing a platform for emerging talent to engage with industry and vice versa, enabling people to share their range of digital and creative skills with others.

The University of Salford is supporting and encouraging our soon-to-be graduates to realise their full potential by continuing to develop these industry connections within MediaCityUK and Skills Swap Shop offers fantastic opportunities for them’

For those interested in taking part, they can offer as much, or little time and as many skills as they like. After they are matched, it is completely up them and the person you are swapping skills with to decide if you want to keep sharing skills or if one chat was sufficient.

In order to register your interest, please click here to complete an online form and we will then be in touch to match you up with the best people to develop your skillset and skills needs. If you don’t spot your skill on the form, please tick the ‘other’ field and use the text box to list your skills.

This opportunity is open to all our MediaCityUK community, including freelancers, employees and University of Salford students and graduates. Please do share with those you think may benefit from it.

If you have any questions about the Skills Swap Shop, please email with the subject ‘Skills Swap Shop’.

Please note we are initially running this as a pilot to gauge interest so there are limited spaces at this stage. Should the pilot be successful, we will be actively looking to invite a wider audience to take part.

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