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Gather behind a new AR app for Dreamscope TV

Digital design & development agency Gather have just launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app on behalf of neighbouring MediaCityUK company, Dreamscope TV.

The app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play) uses AR to bring still images to life across various promotional pieces, highlighting Dreamscope TVs film and animation services.

Simplicity is key to the user experience. All the user need do is position their mobiles camera in view of selected printed material to allow video content to be overlaid and played providing a rich media experience traditionally not associated to print.

Part of the Dreamscope TV rebrand

The app launch is part of Dreamscope TVs current rebranding campaign designed to position the business at the forefront of the regions’ visual media offering. It includes access to view both previously released films and fresh content.

Darren from Dreamscope TV had this to say, “It is hugely important for Dreamscope TV to work with local creative talent, preferably right here on the MediaCityUK site, so when choosing a company we could trust with such a high-profile launch we took a short walk to the Gather Digital office and quickly discovered that they were exactly the right people for the job. Intelligent, knowledgeable and hugely creative – I’m hoping for a long and fruitful working relationship.”

Richard at Gather, added “It was great to be commissioned this project from another creative company at MediaCityUK. Part of why we base ourselves here is to meet like-minded businesses and open ourselves up to collaborative potential. Working with people who have such a wealth of visual content available makes the creative process much more enjoyable.”



Dreamscope TV promotional video

Apple store app listing

Android store app link





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