14th Aug 2021

About this event

“Walk-e-oke” WITH THE LOWRY

Running on Saturdays throughout August, the Lowry are holding Walkeoke classes. A fun, easy walking-based workout to some of your favourite tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s. You can easily take part on your feet or seated works great too, following the arms and upper body work. Come along to loosen your joints and muscles, smile more, worry less and even tick off around 2,000 steps (or equivalent work). In this friendly disco session we like to get warm instead of tired, using the music to boost your mood and increase your energy rather than use it up. It really gives you a lift!


August 4th/7th/11th/14th/18th/21st/25th | 10am – 4pm

All ages

Drop in, no booking necessary