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Our Story

A community united by creativity, where we imagine, innovate and play.

We’re an innovation hub built on the site of one of the world’s biggest industrial ports, Manchester Docks – and our history stretches back 120 years.

It’s a story that begins with the building of a canal that connected Manchester and Salford to the sea, turning both into global giants. 

Today, those same docks are our home. What connects us to our past? Our pioneering spirit. We may have swapped dockers for developers, but we’re as focused on innovation and global connection as ever. In the next decade, we’ll double in size, further developing the infrastructure that will enable businesses like yours to flex and grow.  

Becoming fully sustainable, and truly connected. A place whose waterside location, culture and street life put wellbeing front and centre, and where you’ll have access to an incredible density of talent. 

Connected 2

A hotspot for culture and creativity 

We’re not just the UK’s home of creative content. We’re a hotspot for culture and creativity. The UK’s leading place for tech, media and creative experiences, where you can find work, collaborate, get inspiration, or just immerse yourself in it all. Where you’ll meet like-minded people from diverse backgrounds, where start-ups and global corporates work side by side, in a place with a track record of collaboration.

Balanced City

A balanced city life 

The places where we choose to live and work shape our wellbeing, for better or worse – and so the public spaces at MediaCity not only regularly host all sorts of sports activities and events,from yoga and wellness events to triathlons, assault courses and bootcamps (for the brave), via open water swimming and classes that take advantage of our waterside location – this is a place that prioritises health and wellbeing.


A living lab 

We’re a unique test and learn environment where ideas come to life. From virtual art tours to smart  city tech, from e-sports to interactive entertainment, our infrastructure and innovation mindset provide unrivalled opportunities to incubate and innovate. We combine technology with leisure, storytelling and entertainment to inspire people in unexpected ways – connecting people and communities across the world, making this the place to go to feel excited by the creative possibilities of technology.