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Kargo On The Docks

MediaCity's favourite outdoor dining and events scene is back!

Now open bigger and better than ever before! • Now open bigger and better than ever before! • Now open bigger and better than ever before! • Now open bigger and better than ever before!

MediaCity’s favourite dining and events scene has returned – bigger and better than ever!

With an expanded food and drink offer operated by Kargo and installations by Salford-based artists.

  • Block Steak Shop
  • Parmogeddon
  • Honey Butter Ring Hut (Leopard Pie)
  • ThatZiki
  • So Famous

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

  • Food: 11.30am – 9pm
  • Bar: 10am -11pm
Food and Drink

Block Steak Shop

A street food concept with a focus on high-quality steak and homemade accompaniments. Their aim is to offer a simple menu with an emphasis on locally sourced produce to create fresh and vibrant flavours. All of our sauces are homemade, our butters are churned and seasoned in house and we chip and triple cook our own potatoes in beef dripping. Our beef is reared locally and is free range and grass fed. We focus on lesser known cuts with sustainability and affordability in mind.

Food and Drink

Honey Butter Ring Hut (Leopard Pie)

Get ready as Manchester’s finest pizzeria is making its way to Kargo On The Docks.  A game-changer in the UK pizza scene. Leopard Pie understands the city’s profound love for garlic bread, which is why they proudly introduced their trademarked HBR (Honey Butter Rings) alongside their sensational Neapolitan pizzas. Leopard Pie holds itself to the highest standards, sourcing only the finest ingredients imported from various regions of Italy. From the best flour to exquisite meats and top-tier cheeses, every element of our products is carefully selected to ensure unparalleled quality.

Food and Drink


WHAT IS A PARMO?! For anyone living outside of Middlesbrough, this is probably what you’re thinking right now and well, thats where we come in. A Parmo is basically one of the best things you’ll ever eat; It’s a match made in heaven, it’s a culinary delight, it’s food of the gods. A Parmo is fried chicken goodness, covered in a rich, creamy béchamel, topped with a serious helping of cheese and shoved under the grill until melted and gooey. Perfect with chips and garlic sauce

Food and Drink


Two brothers, Jack and Luke, quit their 9-5, bought their famous Thatziki blue food truck and started slinging gyros in a dimly lit car park in Worsley. Their food took off and their food truck went viral and fast forward to today they now have 1 shop in Chorlton, 1 in Leeds and soon a place in Kargo! 

Jack and Luke want the UK to get its Greek on That Ziki style. The brothers take so much pride in their work, making almost everything from scratch including their secret marinade, fresh tzatziki and sauces prepared daily. No frozen meat or additives just a bit of graft and big flavours. Thatziki get their Greek produce straight from Greece including their pita breads and feta to make sure you get a taste of them Greek islands! 

Food and Drink

So Famous

Welcome to So Famous, Manchester’s ultimate burger destination! Our mouth-watering burgers are crafted with 100% halal meat, ensuring every bite is not only delicious but also meets the highest standards. From classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations, our diverse menu has something to satisfy every craving. At So Famous, we believe in serving up the best burgers in town, with fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and a whole lot of love. Join us for a burger experience that’s truly unforgettable. Come for the taste, stay for the fame!  

At kargo On The Docks we have a jampacked events schedule!

Check out the calendar of activities HERE

There’s craft workshops to tai chi and kung fu at our outdoor dining venue, there’s something for everyone!

We are very proud to have worked with local artists, to produce murals and an art trail inspired by the local area. Both of which you will see on display when visiting Kargo On The Docks.

Bio’s below.

Kelly Ma

Kelly is an Illustrator from Manchester whose work playfully explores visual connections between people, culture and cities. She enjoys capturing snippets of the local surroundings and moments we may take for granted, finding joy in the everyday mundane and regularly engages with youth groups and schools through creative workshops. Her practice explores a variety of mediums from painting murals and sculptures to digital illustrations as she enjoys the challenge of adapting her artwork to it’s surroundings. Her work is driven by the desire to help others feel joy and inspiration through the arts, bringing people together.

MikeSian Studio

Mikesian Studio are a Design and Art duo from Manchester, made up of Mike and Sian. Their work is a mix of powerful words, bold colour and graphic forms, with a focus on bringing bright, inclusive artwork to communal & public spaces. They have worked at all kinds of scales; from designing commemorative postage stamps, to building miniature houses for rodents, to city wide charity ad campaigns and international festival artwork. This variety of work is their favourite part of their practice – always utilising different formats, with the consistent aim of making things that change the every day experience. Half rice, half chips, two birds, one stone. One dog, two tails, half Mike, half Sian.

Nicola Fernandes

Nicola Fernandes, known as Fernandes Makes is a multi-discipline artist specialising in painting and illustration. Known for her playful quirky style Nicola’s work is heavily inspired by nature and birds. MediaCity is home of Nicola’s award winning independent gift shop Flock and Gaggle, proudly part of The Art House charity project Salford Loading, where she supports and sells the work of over 40 Manchester based artists and hosts creative workshops. Nicola is a 2010 graduate in Visual Studies where her work has always been around social engagement and laugh out loud moments in the form of colourful merchandise, gallery installations, displays and mural art.

Caroline Daly

Caroline is a socially engaged artist from Manchester based at Grit Studios. She loves to infuse life and colour into urban landscapes through the creation of street art inspired by nature and aims to highlight the beauty that lies within our communities. With a background in scenic painting and prop making , Caroline has a wide knowledge of artistic techniques and materials and delivers workshops for communities and schools in lantern making and carnival arts as well as street arts and mural painting.

Nicola, Kelly and Caroline worked together at Kargo On The Docks. Between the three of them, they have worked on many art trails and community projects, with their artwork raising a combined total of 75 thousand pounds for various charities at auction.

Vanessa Scott

Venessa Scott is a prolific public artist and specialist in Creative Education. Recognised widely for her contribution to the arts and cultural sector in the North; She delivers creative projects, workshops, and interventions to a range of audiences. and has been commissioned by leading cultural, corporate and community organisations across the north west and Yorkshire. Venessa designed and painted one of the UKs tallest murals. The design was created to reflect the principle of unity and It linked directly to the pioneering work of Sylvia Pankhurst. In 2019 Venessa was appointed as an official ambassador for The Pankhurst Centre and has since been nominated and recognised as a ‘Great Mancunian; A person who has had a significant cultural and creative impact on the City of Manchester and its surrounding areas’. In addition to these accolades you can also find Venessa on the popular CBBC series; Colours where she helps children discover and explore colour thought art.

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