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Social Sense LTD


Suite 12.14
Arrive Blue, Blue Tower
Blue Road
MediaCity, Salford
M50 2ST

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Social Sense is a leading behaviour change specialist. Our innovative approach has led to measurable improvements in health attitudes, perceptions and behaviours since 2011.
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Social Sense is a leading social marketing and behaviour change agency which engages all ages, wherever they are and how they want to. We ensure voices are not only heard, but solutions are influenced by everyone. We are based in Media City, Salford, and work throughout the UK and Europe.

To positively and measurably disrupt the status quo by:
- Helping to drive forward the early intervention and prevention agenda
- Creating greater awareness of facts and self-help tools to help people become more resilient
- Nudging communities in a more positive direction, redeveloping choice architecture in favour of healthier decision making
- Encouraging genuine consultation, project design and co-delivery, creating best practice ambassadors for the future
- Delivering better, more instant access to support services (community asset mapping / partnership working)