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The Foundry
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About us

We’re a creative communications agency based in MediaCity and we’re proud to have been in business for over 25 years.

We’ve worked with lots of different companies and organisations, in fact there’s not many sectors we haven’t experienced - and there’s also a few we’ve politely declined to work with too. Health and Wellbeing is a bit of a speciality, but we love using that same rigour and strategic approach to help brands from all sectors to rise and shine too.

If your business is ultimately about improving people’s lives either through advanced healthcare, supporting mental and physical wellbeing, promoting active lifestyles or simply helping people to get more out of life in a positive way then you’ll be in good company working with us.

We love to work with ambitious and progressive clients. Clients who aren’t content with mediocrity, conforming to norms or just ‘satisfying’ their audiences.

We use our restless creativity to crack open challenges and we’re powered by our people.