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Box on the Docks - Student Takeover


26th Sep 2023

Come and join us at the Box on the Docks as part of the Media City Student Takeover and get a taste for the area!

All of our vendors (Beigel, A Few Scoops, Tasty Greek, Bab and the Box on the Docks bar) will be doing special discount or offers on the day.

Girl Gang Mcr – Speed Mate-ing Sessions


Ever wished there was a tinder for friends? Feeling a bit lonely in the big city? Not any more you’re not!

We regularly run a speed session so silly and inclusive that you’ll step outside of usual comfort zone without even realising. Taking inspiration from dating shows, bad business meetings, teenage sleepovers, art attack and agony aunts, Girl Gang invite you to undertake creative challenges and respond to conversational topics, creating authentic connections between new friends, quickly and fear free!

Approximately 75% of all attendees arrive alone, so if you are worried you will be the only one – rest assured you definitely won’t be!

Speed Mate-ing is open to people of all ages (we are ALL about a cross generational friendship!), genders, sexualities, races, classes, backgrounds, we just love people!

We can’t wait to meet you all!

Affirmative Pocket Haiku Making


Make your own little pocket haiku get a capsule with a little scroll inside ready for an affirmative haiku to keep in your pocket in case self-doubt or homesickness creeps in, a message of friendship to give to a potential new mate or a letter to send home.

Participants can make multiple on the day and are also encouraged to bring any other writing they’re working on to sit and work amongst others or get feedback from myself (BAJH (Hons) Creative Writing and Writing for Stage, Screen and Radio and PGDE Adult Literacy), or others.

Live Music & DJs


Silent Disco!


Grab a headset and get on the floor. We’ll have a genre for everyone so grab your friends and get involved.


Learn more about MediaCity Student Takeover here

MediaCity Student Takeover