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Self-defence 6-week course 


Open Centre


20th Mar - 1st May '24

Self-defence 6-week course 

Starting 20th March

When: Wednesday 12.30 – 1.30pm

Where: Hot House

Build your confidence with self-defence. We will learn how to defend against a variety of wrist and throat grabs, body grabs and groundwork.

The best form of self-defence is to avoid a situation, these days we are so busy on our phones that we are less aware of the world around us. People who haven’t experienced an attack think it’s something that happens on the news until it happens to them. Sadly, street violence is at an alarmingly high rate especially to women and LGBTQ+.

In this workshop we will cover:




We will be moving around and in close contact with each other.

Men, please be mindful and respectful that some women may want to partner only with women.

We will also cover real life scenarios which may be upsetting or triggering for some people who have lived experience so please be conscientious.