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Exploring Energy Taking action

As we continue to face an energy crisis, we can all make changes to our daily operations and activities that translates to meaningful energy reduction.

As we continue to face an energy crisis, we can all make changes to our daily operations and activities that translates to meaningful energy reduction. Whether actions are big or small, every little helps.

We have highlighted training, networks and general tools that may be useful for getting started with taking action to reduce energy consumption. 

It can be difficult to know where to start! Our energy team have shared some of their ‘top tips’ to get you started.

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Undergoing training on energy management can be a useful way to help reduce energy consumption and costs within your building. This doesn’t have to be intensive or complex. It’s about improving understanding so that businesses and leaders are better equipped to take action.
Energy Management Training – Energy Institute

The Energy Institute offers various energy management qualifications ranging from beginner to advanced levels. This is a great way to gain vital energy-related knowledge such as energy audits and how to tackle energy issues within your organisation.

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ISO 50001 Requirements Course – British Standards Institute (BSI)

BSI have a variety of online and in-person courses on various aspects of ISO 50001. This ranges from why it is important to implement, key requirements and how to implement the standard.

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Carbon Literacy Training – The Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy training can help improve awareness of carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities, encouraging more conscious decision making and behaviours.

There are a variety of online resources that can help you host your own carbon literacy training, or alternatively, The Carbon Literacy Project can provide this training for you for a small fee.

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Business Training – The Growth Company

The Growth Company offer a range of programmes across Greater Manchester focused on upskilling employees and building professional knowledge. Their Green Skills Academy focus on developing skills tailored to green technologies including EV charging stations, renewable energy, and Net Zero.

The breadth of courses means that there is something for everyone and can fit your business needs. (LINK NEEDS CHECKING)

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GC Business Growth Company - Journey to Net Zero

The GM Growth Company has a range of tools and guidance, including fully funded training on transitioning to Net Zero.

For more information and to register your interest. (LINK NEEDS CHECKING)

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We all play a part in tackling the energy crisis. And we make real change when we work together. Networking, sharing ideas and learning from each other is crucial. Why not join one of the networks below and let’s get talking.
Business Green Scene – Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC)

The GMCC have created a free business network for environmental sustainability, the Business Green Scene. The network provides you access to like-minded participants, a chance to share ideas and information, a free energy audit by Enexus Energy, access to the regular Green Scene e-newsletter and much more.

If you are an SME, by joining you even get access to NCFE accredited sustainability training for you and any employees.

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GC Business Growth Hub

The Business Growth Hub is a group of specialists that are helping businesses across Greater Manchester to realise their goals. The hub provides a wide range of services and resources to help you get the best out of your business, including sustainability guidance.

Throughout June, they are hosting a ‘Low Carbon Skills: Journey to Net Zero’ workshop at Trafford Park to help businesses seize green opportunities.

Interested? Don’t miss out on exciting upcoming events and webinars.

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MediaCity Sustainability and Social Value Network (SSVN)

The SSVN is a community of businesses that explore ideas, implement initiatives and encourages action to make a positive impact across Greater Manchester.

Why not be part of a growing network of over 30 buisnesses and see how you can help make long-lasting change.

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Check out our list of useful online tools to help you take action and encourage energy conscious behaviours. Even a small change in habit or action can have a huge impact.
Energy efficiency programme – Groundwork

Groundwork is a charity focused on energy-related actions across the UK, including in the Greater Manchester area. They offer a range of ways that individuals and businesses can get involved, including community action days, volunteering and partnerships.

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Environmental Footprint Calculator- WWF

Want to know what your footprint is? The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have a handy environmental footprint calculator to estimate your carbon impact.

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Work-from-home energy calculator- Energy Helpline

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in remote and hybrid working. It may be useful for employees to consider their increased energy usage within their homes directly related to home-working.

As such, Energy Helpline have developed a work-from-home calculator to help estimate energy usage.

Why not share it with your employees and help them track their energy usage.

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EnergyAware Employee Engagement – Energy Institute

The Energy Institute created EnergyAware, an immersive tool to raise energy awareness at home and in the workplace.

The tool takes roughly 30-minutes to complete and covers topics behaviour change, energy bills and reduction activities.

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Implement Monitoring Practises

It is important for your business to understand its current energy usage and track how this changes over time. By understanding your energy usage, you can identify opportunities for energy saving and ensure you continue to reduce consumption.

Your buildings energy provider or manager will be able to provide you with this information and even help you with action plans. For example, Equans is one of the leading energy providers for Mediacity and is a great first step to understanding your energy usage. (NO LINK PROVIDED)