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Hot Health and Wellbeing

This house is HOT on wellbeing

Sport 1

Sunrise Yoga with The Wellness Hub

Join us for Sunrise Yoga at Hot House every Monday and Wednesday morning, brought to you in collaboration with The Wellness Hub. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, these sessions are designed to invigorate your body and calm your mind.

Every Monday and Wednesday morning: 8.00-8.35am.


Sport 2

Xtreme Fitness with Kezia

Xtreme Hip Hop, Step is a combination of extreme cardio, on a step board to hip-hop music.

Xtreme Burn is a non-stop cardio workout set to upbeat music (without the step board).

Put them both together and you have Xtreme fitness with Kezia, providing lots of swag, encouraging fitness, and making it fun and not a chore! Whether participants are beginners, advanced, old, or young, this program is for them and will help provide safe and unique classes for people of all ages and demographics. The home of burning calories.

Tuesdays: 12.30 - 1.30pm

Xtreme Burn | Xtreme Hip Hop with Kezia

Misc 1

Self Defense 6 week course

Build your confidence with self-defence. We will learn how to defend against a variety of wrist and throat grabs, body grabs and groundwork.

In this workshop we will cover:




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