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More UK-based business leads to expansion for Planisware

A surge in demand for its project management software has led to Planisware doubling its workforce and a move to larger offices within ARRIVE’s White Building in MediaCity, an international hub for technology, innovation and creativity, and a flexible space for growing tech companies.

Planisware’s global turnover last year (2021) was €114M and is projected to climb to €135M by the end of 2022.  Within this context, the number of employees within the UK office has grown on average 60% from 2020 to 2022. Currently, the UK team comprises 18 employees and recruitment is underway to fill more roles.

In addition to recruiting computer science graduates for Professional Services Consultant roles, Kai Ojo, UK CEO of Planisware, is keen to seek out a diverse pool of talent and is sponsoring the upcoming Manchester Tech Festival from 17-21 October in a bid to widen its net and reach candidates who might not necessarily have a degree.

Kai Ojo says: “As a young and ambitious company, we are keen to build a powerful and diverse workforce.  Because we are the newest and most agile business within an international company, I believe we can lead the way and demonstrate how to do this because I believe it’s important for the future.”

Planisware was founded in Paris in 2002 and has 12 offices around the world, including the US.  In 2016, Kai Ojo, who, at the time, was working in the same sector as Planisware in project and portfolio management, approached the company with a proposal to establish a UK office.

Kai added: “I knew there was a huge opportunity here in the UK and I felt it was important to have our offices based here at MediaCity. Despite the French owners eyeing up a location in the South of England, I convinced them that Salford would be the right place for us.

“MediaCity is an incubator for tech businesses and I knew from my time living in Manchester that the location would be ideal from a logistical point of view as well.  Our staff particularly love it here because it’s a great environment to work in.”

Up to this point Planisware has relied upon professional services consultant support from its Paris head office as the company has been building its client base in the UK.  “Now we have the foundation in place; the client base, the space and the infrastructure to build our own team here in the UK.”

Planisware has moved to a larger office space at the White Building in MediaCity. From here, it services clients in the automotive, retail and pharma sectors, including AstraZeneca and Ocado. Planisware works with large corporations taking products to market or delivering large scale development projects and in need of a single Enterprise Project Management solution with first class professional services support.

Rebekah Lloyd Beere, Arrive’s Operations Manager added: “It’s been fantastic to see Planisware’s commitment to MediaCity and to support its expansion within our Arrive workspace. Planisware is a dynamic business which provides real opportunity for emerging tech talent and we’re excited to see the team continue to grow and flourish.”

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