Loran Dunn

Tales from the City - Loran

A day in the life. Meet Loran Dunn, BFI Vision award-winning film producer and founder of the independent film and TV production company @delavalfilm. Loran has spent the past 6 months in one of our studios producing a stop motion animation (out next year). She describes her experience at MediaCity.

“We’d started shooting in Bristol in January 2020, but the pandemic forced us to stop. When restrictions eased, it meant everyone in the industry was trying to re-start filming at the same time – we looked across the country for a studio, but couldn’t find anywhere. The guys at Flix Facilities were amazing: they understand independent film, they made space for us – and they weren’t driven solely by budget, unlike most other studios.

Tales from the City - Loran's video storyboard
Tales from the City - Loran's model boat for the movie Tales from the City - Loran at work on her animation

We were given a huge space and a huge amount of freedom as to how we used it, it felt like there was a genuine partnership between us and the local crew. It was a family. Big lunches, everyone together at the back of the studio: it’s been a really special experience. We’re wrapping up filming but have decided to try and keep an office at MediaCity, which is something I’d never have imagined – the community here is completely different to how I perceived it.”

“They understand independent film, they made space for us.”

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