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Nicole Timmerman – Film Production graduate

Meet Nicole Timmerman, a film production graduate.

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A day in the life. Meet Nicole Timmerman, a film production graduate from the University of Salford who recently set up her own film crew company. She describes her MediaCity experience:

“Other than the course itself, what drew me to MediaCity was that I grew up in New Jersey and it reminded me of a cleaner version of New York. As cringey as it sounds it felt homely. I liked the idea of studying next door to ITV, the BBC. I got small runner jobs and met people from the industry, I got to learn how they operate, how they got their jobs, and I’m still in contact with an ITV producer. My course also taught me how to do specific roles and feel confident in them: when I get a job, I know I won’t have to have the gift of the gab, I’ll have the skills, I’ll know what I’m doing.

Our course was very hands on and the pandemic did make it really difficult, but I made a drama in my final year, an LGTBQ+ rom com called As The Sun Sets. In my first year I was at MediaCity more. I loved things like the little market in front of The Lowry, and Grindsmith – they do a mean coffee – or the tradition we made of going to the mall to get our lunch. Now that I‘ve graduated I’m working full-time in what was my part-time job, but I’ve also started a company with a two of my classmates: two directors and a voiceover producer. We can travel, help out on film sets, make music videos, and the aim is to make our own short films.”

Nicole Timmerman
“I liked the idea of studying next door to ITV, the BBC.”

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