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Formisimo founders launch sister startup Nudgr

A new startup from the founders of MediaCityUK based Formisimo will use machine learning to optimise website conversions.

Nudgr is being launched by Al Mackin and Tom New and will complement Formisimo as a sister product. Also involved are chief technical officer Doug Read, the CTO at Formisimo, and Luiz Aguiar, lead data scientist.

Nudgr aims to trigger “perfectly timed” discounts, incentive or social proof messages Aguiar, who holds a PhD in machine learning and has worked with Petrobras and Koch Industries, has created the algorithm behind Nudgr.

Mackin said that more details about the startup will be released soon, but a description on the Nudgr website explained what it would do:

“Nudgr monitors the behaviour of potential customers on your website, identifying visitors who are about to abandon using Machine Learning. “It triggers perfectly timed Nudges – such as a discount, incentive or social proof messages – that rescue abandoning customers, raising your conversions and revenue.”

Nudgr works by installing two pieces of Javascript on to a website and then detecting patterns of customer behaviour, allowing it to predict abandonment. Analytics startup Formisimo, which was spun out of the Eword by Mackin and New, recently announced it had grown its Greenhouse based operation to 14 staff.

Over the last two years, it’s raised almost half a million pounds through the North West Fund and various investors, including £30k through Venturefest and £85k from Creative England. Around 70% of the firm’s revenue comes from outside the UK, with clients including Arsenal and Lexus.