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Prowise brings interactive technology to next level

International technology provider, Prowise, based in The Greenhouse at MediaCityUK, has launched its latest technology innovation, the ProLine+ touchscreen.

The new 4K Ultra HD interactive whiteboard comes from the provider based in Budel, Netherlands, who opened an independent UK office at MediaCityUK in January.

Prowise UK is taking the latest interactive technology creation, the ProLine+, to the UK customer in combination with the new ProWrite Ink pen.

For a flawless handwriting experience the screen comes with a new innovative pen which has a 1.5mm fine tip. The tech pairing means the user can lean on the screen and still write perfectly due to advanced hand-palm rejection technology.

The touchscreen is also kitted out with Prowise Central, the latest operating system which gives users all their daily functionalities and apps in one easy to access place.

Matt Daly, Managing Director of Prowise UK, said: “The launch of the ProLine+ has come at a perfect time for us as we target our customers directly in the UK for the first time. It’s such an exciting and innovative product.

“Prowise technology is about providing an all-round technology solution, from free demonstrations to after care IT support, we are with our customers for the whole journey to assure they get the most from their hardware and software. This screen is no exception to the rule, it has everything a teacher needs in one durable, interactive and innovative place.”

Apps that come with the screen include; ProNote, for writing over webpages and images; Reflect, to manage personal devices on screen; and Presenter, to create and present engaging presentations.

Other features like anti-glare technology on the Ultra HD screen means users can see images perfectly from any spot in the room, and a built-in sound bar enhances any viewing experiences.

“This model is a prime example of the latest generation of touchscreens, and also includes a modular design and the intuitive ProWrite Ink technology,” said Prowise Director, Michael Ahrens.

“We compete with high-end models like Microsoft’s Surface Hub or Jamboard. We see that in both education and business environments, the requests for touchscreens that improve collaboration and interaction are increasing. Therefore, it is important when developing our touchscreens, we focus on creating a standalone device, not a TV screen or digital whiteboard. This was the starting point of the development for the ProLine+.”


Take a closer look at the ProLine+ touchscreen in our video here: