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Yippee! Entertainment release new game ‘Rainbow Ruckus the Amazing World of Gumball’

Based on the number one hit show on Cartoon Network – Rainbow Ruckus the Amazing World of Gumball, has just been released on mobile by MediaCityUK based Yippee! Entertainment.

Played through the eyes of Gumball, you work to help defeat Jealousy and save the town of Elmore in this fun-filled game.

Jealousy is out for revenge and is wreaking havoc in Elmore! He has possessed the town folk, forcing them to do his bidding and steal the rainbow from the sky, delivering it to his lair in the sewer.

PLAY AS GUMBALL to help thwart Jealousy’s evil plan and restore the rainbow to its rightful place, soaring high above the town. Guide the rainbow through the old sewer pipes and back up into the sky across 30 gripping levels.

Gumball must guide Darwin to blockages in the pipework and, armed with his trusty paintball gun, protect him at all costs while he unblocks and fixes the pipework – waking up any townsfolk under Jealousy’s spell.

Jealousy will stop at nothing to prevent them being successful, blocking the pipes and ordering the possessed town folk to attack.

USE CRAZY POWER UPS! Gear up wisely before each encounter and select power-ups for Gumball to take into battle.

Gumball Rainbow Ruckus is an awesome game from Cartoon Network, the creators of The Amazing World of Gumball!

The game is available on iOS and Android from the following stores:-


Google Play

The game is also being advertised on TV during and after the show

Yippee entertainment:

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