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Tilly Lockey – Singer and Radio Presenter

Inspiring Others with Her Unstoppable Spirit

At just 17 years old, Tilly Lockey from Newcastle has already overcome more challenges than most people face in a lifetime. Diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia Strain B at the tender age of 15 months, Tilly’s survival against all odds marked the beginning of her extraordinary journey. Determined to make a difference, Tilly and her mother embarked on a mission to improve the lives of child amputees like herself, working alongside various individuals and organisations. Today, Tilly is as an inspiration to many, fearlessly embracing her uniqueness and making an indelible impact on the world.

Tilly’s journey has been closely intertwined with MediaCity, the vibrant hub of creativity and innovation that has become her second home. Tilly’s fondness for this remarkable community is evident as she describes the energy and ambition that permeates the area. For Tilly, MediaCity is not just a physical location but a place where dreams are nurtured and realised.

How it all began

Having been involved in campaigns and projects at MediaCity since she was just 10 years old, Tilly has witnessed the transformative power of this dynamic environment. From advocating for the Men B vaccine to her experiences filming “Got What It Takes”, Tilly’s connection to MediaCity runs deep.

What captivates Tilly the most about MediaCity is the palpable sense of purpose that fills the air. Everyone around her is on a mission, fuelled by ambition and a drive to make a difference. The energy is infectious, motivating Tilly to push the boundaries of her own capabilities and strive for greatness. MediaCity has provided her with countless opportunities to showcase her talent and amplify her voice, whether it’s through appearances on national television or hosting her own radio show.

Tilly’s story is not one of hiding or blending in but of standing out and celebrating her individuality. Prior to receiving her remarkable Alita Hero Arms, Tilly wore basic myoelectric hands that limited her capabilities to merely open and close. However, Tilly yearned to showcase her true self and defy conventional expectations. She wanted to be seen for who she truly was and refused to let her limb difference define her. With the introduction of her bespoke Alita bionic arms, Tilly’s dreams of self-expression and empowerment came to life. The world premiere of “Alita: Battle Angel” became a milestone in her journey, where she proudly walked the blue carpet with the film’s star, Rosa Salazar, and director James Cameron.

Breaking into broadcasting

Beyond her passion for fashion and breaking barriers, Tilly has immersed herself in the world of radio, a medium that perfectly complements her vibrant personality. Hosting her own radio show at Sunderland Uni radio station and currently undergoing training with Capital, Tilly’s determination to make her mark in the broadcasting industry is profound. The recent collaboration with BBC Presenter, Owain Wyn Evans on a technology and inventions show was testament to her infectious enthusiasm and love for sharing knowledge. Tilly’s charisma and talent have led to numerous presenting opportunities, including appearances on CBBC’s ‘Got What It Takes’, which she went on to win, ‘Blue Peter’, and ‘Saturday Mash Up’.

Tilly’s involvement with CBeebies came about during an unexpected turn of events during lockdown. Her piano playing and heartfelt rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Always Remember Us This Way,” garnered attention, leading to an appearance on ‘This Morning’ and subsequent discussions with CBBC directors. From there, Tilly’s journey unfolded, with appearances on various shows such as ‘Britain’s Best New Artist,’ ‘Ricky Wilson’s Art Jam,’ and ‘Nova Jones’. As her platform on social media grew, Tilly became a role model for others, proving that life’s obstacles shouldn’t hinder the pursuit of happiness and success.

A true role model

When asked about her role as a role model, Tilly humbly acknowledges the impact she has on others. Her authentic approach to sharing her life on social media has resonated with countless individuals, including those facing similar challenges. Tilly receives messages of gratitude and inspiration from those who find solace in her videos. Her recent YouTube video on embracing scars and not hiding them during a “hot girl summer” garnered immense support. Tilly cherishes the opportunity to be herself, living her life to the fullest while inspiring others along the way.

Tilly explains: “It’s important to know that you don’t need to impress anybody other than yourself. I encourage people to express themselves as much as possible and embrace their differences. Don’t just accept it, accentuate it because it’s a beautiful part of who you are.”

The development of bionic arms has been a remarkable journey for Tilly. Since the age of 9, she has been actively involved in the evolution of these prosthetics, witnessing their transformation from prototypes to fully functional and fashionable pieces. Tilly’s dream of participating in London Fashion Week is now a reality, where she will showcase her new arm cases and defy societal norms surrounding prosthetics. She passionately believes in transforming these devices from mere medical aids into expressions of personal style and individuality.

Tilly’s ambitions extend beyond her work with bionic arms and television.

MediaCity: A platform to shine

Tilly’s extensive travels as a motivational speaker have taken her to various corners of the world, yet she finds herself consistently drawn back to MediaCity. It is here that she feels a true sense of belonging. The warm reception from the MediaCity community and the unwavering belief in her abilities have played a crucial role in Tilly’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

As Tilly’s influence and reach continue to expand, she remains grateful for the opportunities that MediaCity has provided her. The connections forged, the projects undertaken, and the dreams realized within this thriving community have propelled Tilly forward on her path to success.

Tilly Lockey, the unstoppable force who has defied the odds, embraced her uniqueness, and inspired countless individuals, stands as a shining example of the incredible spirit nurtured within the remarkable MediaCity community. Together, they are reshaping perceptions, breaking barriers, and transforming the world, one inspirational story at a time.

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