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Exploring Energy

Establishing better energy saving habits.

The effects of the energy crisis are far-reaching, but we can all do our bit to reduce our energy consumption individually and as businesses. At MediaCity, we have launched this campaign to get the conversation going, raising awareness to our occupiers and their employees on the importance reducing energy has on our businesses and the environment. Over the course of this campaign, you will have access to a variety of resources to help you in your energy journey from helpful guides, training opportunities, tips and tricks, events and more that will help you make meaningful reductions to your energy use.

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MediaCity Sustainability & Social Value Network

Putting people, and our planet, at the heart of everything we do has never felt more important. With a joint commitment, from us, our partners and our community, to embed sustainability and social value into all our decision-making processes, we’re not only future-proofing MediaCity. We’re building a healthier environment, economy and society for all.

The MediaCity Sustainability & Social Value Network supports this commitment, encouraging enthusiasts from across the site to come together, explore ideas and implement initiatives that make a positive impact.

The network has grown to 30+ businesses and has delivered genuine and measurable social value both on the estate, and across our local communities, whilst aligning with Salford and Greater Manchester strategies on sustainability.

Find out more here about the MediaCity Sustainability & Social Value Network and how to get involved.