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FutureEverything are looking for artists to take part in Cultural Accelerator, a unique artistic development programme set in the heart of MediaCity.

In partnership with MediaCity Immersive Technologies Innovation Hub (MITIH), as part of the Greater Manchester Innovation Accelerator programme and University of Salford, award-winning cultural organisation FutureEverything has been commissioned to curate and produce an exciting new creative engagement programme and series of digital arts commissions for Salford and Greater Manchester.

Designed to cultivate, rejuvenate and level-up the innovation ecosystem, the Cultural Accelerator programme will explore the ways that creative innovation can be used to identify areas for MediaCity business growth, using artistic commissions as a tool to help companies explore new territories.

The programme takes place from July to November 2024, including an artist residency format with creatives working within the context of digital arts practice to explore emerging technologies within creative industries such as Virtual Production, Immersive Experiences and Gametech. The programme culminates in a public exhibition of projects created by the commissioned artists, and a presentation event showcasing R&D research at MediaCity.

Call for participants! If youre an artist, creative practitioner or collective interested in exploring, learning and experimenting with digital technology, then we want to hear from you!

FutureEverything has two commissioning strands for the Cultural Accelerator Programme:

Awarding up to eight seed fund commissions to support artists developing new ideas/projects or seeking to incorporate new skills into their practice.

Awarding larger commissions to up to three artists who have projects that are closer to fruition and would have completed projects to present by Nov 2024.

As part of the Cultural Accelerator programme, artist participants will be offered:

  • Tailored access to a broad community of companies and technologists with facilities, resources and skills to support the development of your ideas/projects.
  • Hands-on support from MediaCity Immersive Technologies Innovation Hub and FutureEverything to help you realise the ambition for your ideas/project.
  • A chance to share learnings and showcase work developed at a public event and exhibition at Media City in November, 2024.
  • Opportunities to experiment, take risks and innovate with advancing creative mediums.
  • Networking events designed to galvanise collaborative relationships with the private sector network, and develop opportunities to work beyond the life of the Cultural Accelerator programme.

Click the link HERE for more information and how to apply.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 10th July. Good luck!

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