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Mindfulness classes come to MediaCityUK

MediaCityUK is hosting a series of mental and physical wellbeing classes for busy workers looking to de-stress on their lunch hours. Mindfulness and yoga guru, Karuna, will lead a series of classes in WorkNation at The Greenhouse, designed to alleviate stress and stiffness incurred by office working.

Karuna’s teachings focus on alignment-based movement to help alleviate pain and stiffness from common office aches and pains. She is also a teacher of mindfulness, a practice which is becomingly increasingly popular and valuable in fast-paced living and working environments.

Explaining the theory behind her teachings, Karuna said: “We often underestimate the damage we are doing to ourselves by ignoring the little aches and pains in day to day life. Things like ‘texting neck’ are easily rectified if we make small changes to the way we carry ourselves, and this can improve the way we feel immeasurably.


“Helping the body and mind to work in connection with each other can result in higher levels of productivity and happiness, which ultimately makes for a better workplace. I hope that workers at MediaCityUK will take part in one of the free classes to learn some simple tricks for achieving a healthier body and mind.”


Mindfulness and body alignment classes add to the growing community of health and wellbeing offers at MediaCityUK – it currently hosts training bootcamps, pilates and yoga classes for anyone to attend.


Asset manager at MediaCityUK, Lynn Haime, said: “With so many creative people working here at MediaCityUK, we wanted to find ways to encourage them to take the time out to alleviate any pain or stress without disrupting their day too much. The lunch time sessions in WorkNation are easily accessible and only take 45 minutes, but will make a noticeable difference.”


Karuna’s “Feel Better in the Office” classes take place in WorkNation, The Greenhouse, MediaCityUK on 15th, 18th and 19th July, from 12.00pm to 12.45pm. The classes are free to attend and open to all. To book your place, contact:

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