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New music TV channel for kids born out of MediaCityUK

U Music TV – a new pop music TV channel screening videos on demand for children under the age of 12; has been launched from the Greenhouse at MediaCityUK and is pursuing crowdfunding equity investment through is the brainchild of Mum of two Christina Evans and is a dedicated channel streamed on the Internet showing only age-appropriate content whilst providing parental security, and children with safe screen time. The further investment will enable the channel to be broadcast FREE on SKY from December 2015.

The idea for U Music TV was sparked after Christina watched an explicit music video during the school holidays.

Christina, who has two young sons and a background in advertising said: “I was at home with my children during half term and I was horrified when a Rihanna music video was shown in the middle of the day. I quickly switched off and almost immediately envisioned a music channel that provides safe screen time and allows children to enjoy popular culture without being exposed to potentially damaging, stereotypical and inappropriate images and language. Having tested the idea with over 500 parents of children under 12, I found that 80% either didn’t allow their children to watch any music videos or did but with constant parental supervision. Over 60 per cent believed that there was a need for this TV channel. I am now working in partnership with music video distributors, record labels, a TV production company and future advertisers to bring this concept to market.”

The website features the carefully curated Live TV Streaming, On Demand and Playlists. It offers children and parents the freedom to watch the best music on offer through the Internet without worrying about undesirable images and lyrics unsuitable for impressionable young minds emerging unchecked from their screens. It’s available on all PC, tablet and mobile platforms. It’s also available on all Smart TV’s.

The channel is available 24/7 and it showcases music videos from a wide genre of popular music stars including Katy Perry, Take That, Taylor Swift, One Direction and Little Mix. U Music TV is currently equity crowdfunding for Sky.

All pop videos on U Music TV have been checked and approved by a panel of parents and have been certified safe for under 12’s.

From as little as £10 crowdfunding will give investors an interest and involvement with U Music TV. Further information is available on

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